Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I really am a slacker . . .

So I decided to start this 90 day blog thing and promptly failed to write on day one. My excuse is that I was travelling yesterday. My other excuse is that a friend gave me 40 GB of music on Sunday night (yes, GIGABYTES). And a large portion of it is musicals. I *heart* musical theater! So I spent the better part of the evening going through the music and figuring out what stays on my hard drive (and goes onto my iPod) and what has to stay on the external drive for future use. (I think the jazz music will stay on the drive - I just haven't acquired a taste for it yet).

Anyway, here I am on the "new" Day 1 of the 90 day blog. Because I couldn't think of a theme, I decided that I am going to Stumble on a site each day and write about it. And I'm not going to cheat and stumble a bunch of times to find something more fun or easier or whatever. I'm going to write about the first thing that comes up. Unless it's porn. Or some topic that I find personally abhorrent. But I'll tell you what I stumbled on and why I didn't write about it.

So, my first Stumble is (drum roll please . . . .)

Sidewalk Chalk Guy - apparently this guy draws 3D paintings on the ground. In chalk. And they are incredible. Serious works of art. Unfortunately, the site these pictures are on(gprime.net) doesn't have any additional information about the guy. Like who he is and where he does his work so I did a little research (and by research I mean that I Googled "Sidewalk Chalk Guy" and found stuff - what would I do without Google?).

His name is Julian Beever and he has done his work all over the world. I can't imagine spending all that time and effort to create something so beautiful only to have it walked on and washed away. How do these "impermanent" artists live with that? What is it that draws them to that type of expression? I suppose it's permanent because it's photographed. And it brings great art to people who might not go to an art museum - it is truly public art. If I were to (literally) stumble on this as I was walking down the street, it would take my breath away. There's something magical about being able to connect with an audience in that way.

I spent about 15 minutes looking at pictures of his work trying to pick a favorite but I just couldn't pick one. I really hope I'm able to see his work in person one of these days.
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